A Broke Millionaire is a 30-something year old entrepreneur that feels broke but the bank account tells a different story. I sold-out last year to work for the man and hope this Blog brings me closer to my dream of creating something out of nothing.


About The Author

A Broke Millionaire was found in the Summer of 2017 for several reasons. Primarily because of how frustrated, annoyed, fill in the _______ I would get when taking the bait on almost every finance article that headlined with the following themes: How I paid off $105k worth of debt in 11 months, Paying off my 30 year mortgage in 15 years, and my personal favorite of How I retired at 32. There was never anything groundbreaking in any of those articles. It was all "no-duh" stuff like I sold my car and moved in with my parents and paid off $105k in debt (very useful strategy), I made double mortgage payments and paid off my house in 10 years (lot’s to learn here), I saved 75% of my salary for 10 years, moved into a $45k house and retired at 32 (the old Ramen Noodle and no kids strategy...very sustainable). As I write the intro I’m shocked that I actually thought I would learn about a magic pill approach that would enable me accomplish the same. #pipedream

I started my career as a broker for one of the largest investment houses in the world. In 2 years I got my Series 7, Series 66, Series 31 and Group One and was managing a multi-million dollar portfolio. I left banking to move into Management Consulting for the next 11 years. I started with a Big 4 Management Consulting Firm and then started my own practice for the last 4 years of my consulting career. Most recently, I joined the Best Company in the World. ..more to come on that.